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Installing the Provider for Both bit and bit Processing – Data Savvy.

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Then install it. This error is because you use the database established by the access version, but there is no matching program in the server. Check the stack trace information for details about the error and where it originated in your code.

Exception details: System. You should force your web application to be compiled into x86 and then published to Win08 x Prompt error of locomotive version 8. The system has always been win8 1, 64 bit. This error occurs after upgrading. The solution is to download the access driver. Properties — compatibility — win7, done after installation! The reason is that the 64 bit program is introduced in version 8. You need to download a component to install it. Download access driver: data connection component installation.

At this time, please use the following methods for installation. Other friends use the following methods, which are also feasible. Users can choose by themselves.

Open the accessdatabaseengine with 7zip, extract and extract it into a folder, and the extracted file is aceredist MSI installation file and a cab file. Open aceredist with Orca MSI, find blockinstallation in launchcondition, delete it and save it. Then close and exit orca, and run aceredist MSI can be installed successfully. If you are an application user, consult the application documentation for details on how to use the appropriate driver. If you want to connect to Microsoft Office Excel data, add excel



Microsoft office 12.0 access database engine ole db provider 2007 free

If a dialog box appears, follow the instructions to remove the program. Would you like to install the Microsoft Download Manager? Manage all your internet downloads with this easy-to-use manager. I needed both the bit and the prlvider adapters to cover my various use cases.


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